Digital Insurance and Long Term Risk

Research axes

Short term

Improvement of management and control processes for technical risk in Life and Non-Life insurance.


  • Study of tarification and provisionning issues in Life and Non-Life insurance, in order to better anticipate risk deviations and define best practices for pooling versus segmentation.


  • Optimize claims handling to improve customer satisfaction.


Medium term

Study of the customer value concept in the context of the digital transformation of Life and Non-Life insurance sector.



  • At the digital age, the customer: defining customer value, targeting, product offer optimization, and improving conversion rates.


  • Customer behavior in the digital age: acquiring new customers, customer retention, cancellation behaviors, and switching.


Long term

Study of future impacts related to the evolution of environmental factors in Life and Non-Life insurance.



  • The impact of longevity in Life insurance, particularly in terms of long-term care risk and retirement planning.


  • The use of Artificial Intelligence for measuring the impact of environmental risks on insurance claims and human health.


Research topics

The project's axes involve specific research topics related to the use of statistical learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence tools. In particular, some of the structuring research subjects for the Chair will be based on:


The integration of a dynamic dimension in the explanatory factors of risk.


The interpretation of the results.


The handling of atypical data or outliers.