Digital Insurance and Long Term Risk

The Chair

The DIALog – Digital Insurance And Long-term risks – Excellence Chair is a Research Chair resulting from a partnership between CNP Assurances, ISFA – Institute of Financial and Insurance Sciences of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University – and the Risk Foundation.

The project’s objectives are to explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools suitable for addressing actuarial issues with massive data, primarily:

  1. To clarify and study the concept of customer value in a new context of digitization in the insurance sector.
  2. To improve management and control processes for technical risk in life and non-life insurance.
  3. To engage in fundamental reflection to better anticipate future societal needs through the development of a prospective vision related to environmental risks and the extension of human lifespan.

The Chair runs from early 2020 to early 2025, with a multidisciplinary research team and operational teams from CNP Assurances involved in the project.

Axes et thématiques