Short term

Study of the concept of customer value, in a context of digital transformation of the life and non-life insurance sector.

The main themes of this research axis concern:

  • the customer in the digital age: definition of customer value, targeting, optimization of product offers, improvement of conversion rates
  • customer behavior in the digital age: new customer acquisition, customer retention, termination and arbitration behavior

Medium term

Improvement of management and technical risk management processes in Life and non-Life insurance. It mainly involves studying:

  • the issues of pricing and provisioning in Life and non-Life insurance, in order to better anticipate risk drifts and define best practices for pooling VS segmentation
  • Optimizing claims handling in order to improve customer satisfaction

Long term

Study of the future impacts linked to the evolution of environmental factors in Life and non-Life insurance.

This line of research requires a forward-looking view of the evolution of risk, it is a question of reflecting here mainly on:

  • The impact of longevity in life insurance, particularly in terms of dependency risk and retirement
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence to measure the impact of environmental risks on insurance claims and on human health


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