Orientation council

Orientation council


Co-holder of the DIALog chair, Professor, KU Leuven, Belgique, and Amsterdam University, Netherlands

Katrien combines a teaching position at KU Leuven University (Research Center Insurance) with a part-time associate professor position at the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam School of Economics, Quantitative Economics division). She is co-founder and co-director of LRisk, the Leuven Center for Insurance and Financial Risk Analysis.
A mathematician by training, Katrien Antonio works in actuarial science. More specifically, she is interested in data analysis, statistical learning as well as Machine Learning, mainly applied to the insurance field.
His current lines of research focus on micro-booking (in insurance and reinsurance), insurance fraud detection models, insurance pricing with interpretable machine learning methods and forecasting models stochastic mortality.


Research and group prospective strategy, CNP Assurances

A graduate of the Claude Bernard University of Lyon in actuarial and financial sciences, the Institute of Actuaries, a Master of Science from the CNAM, Anani Olympio holds a CERA certificate (Certified Enterprise Risk Analyst) and a doctorate in management science, actuarial option, from the University Claude Bernard in Lyon.
He began his career in 1999 as an actuarial research fellow at the consulting firm JWA & Associés in Lyon, then became a financial engineer and junior manager at SINOPIA Asset Management, part of the CCF – HSBC group.
In 2002, he joined the Malakoff-Médéric group, within its subsidiary GIE AUXIA Gestion, where he successively held the positions of actuary, head of studies and actuarial, then assistant to the technical director.
In 2009, he joined CNP Assurances as head of the actuarial studies department. In 2011, he became head of the R&D department, then, in 2014, head of the R&D Data Lab department of the CNP Assurances group. Until March 2017, he was a member of Alan’s board of directors. He founded Diwise, by CNP Assurances, in 2018, where he was CEO. In addition, he contributed to the launch of the DIALog (Digital Insurance And Long term risk) Chair of Excellence dedicated to artificial intelligence applied to the insurance sector. He was, until 2019, responsible for the methods and innovation department.
He is a proofreader for the European Actuarial Journal (Insurance: Mathematics & Economics) and he holds various responsibilities within bodies of the Institute of Actuaries, in particular the Innovation commission, the Approval commission (table section) and the committee. pedagogical of the Enterprise Risk Management CERA training.
Finally, associate researcher at the Actuarial and Financial Sciences laboratory, he works as a research professor in French universities and abroad.

Dominique CARDON

Director of the Medialab and Sociology Professor, Sciences Po, Paris

Dominique Cardon was a researcher at the Uses Laboratory (SENSE) of Orange Labs and associate professor at the University of Paris Est / LATTS.
His work first focused on ordinary forms of expression in traditional media: RTL’s “Les listeneurs ont la parole” broadcasts, messages of indignation for Abbé Pierre on France Inter, program by Menie Grégoire, Telethon, etc. He then devoted himself to the study of the uses of communication technologies. He has thus worked on videophone, cooperative tools, the transformations of work situations under the effect of digital technologies, teleworking and the relationships between sociability and cultural practices.

Since the early 2000s, his research has focused on the uses of the internet in different contexts: the governance of Wikipedia, the relationship between expressive practices and the social network on blogs, modesty and shamelessness online, the practices of networks social online, etc. Her work seeks to articulate an analysis of transformations in public space and expressive and relational dynamics. In particular, it aims to link digital methods to a questioning of social sciences on the forms of political engagement, cultural practices and sociability.Since 2010, his work has proposed conducting a sociological analysis of web algorithms and big data aimed at understanding both the internal form of calculations and the world that computers project onto our societies. His research also focuses on the transformations of the media space and the new circuits of digital information.
He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Réseaux, of the prospective committee of the CNIL and of the scientific council of Wikimedia France.
He defended his habilitation to supervise thesis in 2017. 


Director at ISFA, Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurances, Université Lyon 1

Nicolas LEBOISNE holds aPhD in finance from the University of Lyon 1, in partnership with Banque Indosuez. He has been an associate professor at the ISFA since 1999.
He was in charge of actuarial studies and vice-president of ISFA from 2003 to 2011, then was appointed head of the school in 2012.
His main research interests are in convertible bonds, captives and financial markets. He is a member of the EXANE European Convertible Index Board. He is also an active member of the board of directors of the Association DIAF (Diffusion Internationale de l’Actuariat Français), and was recently appointed to the board of the Université Française des Assurances.

Jean-François MORNEX

Vice-President Research of the Université Lyon 1, PU-PH Pulmonology, Hospices Civils de Lyon


Co-holder of the DIALog chair, Assistant professor at ISFA – Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Xavier Milhaud is currently Assistant Professor at ISFA, University of Lyon. Previously, he directed the Specialized Master of Actuarial Science at ENSAE ParisTech (Paris). During his PhD thesis in Applied Mathematics, carried out within the insurance company AXA under CIFRE contract, he studied the behavior of life insurance policyholders. His work has focused on the modeling of redemption behaviors, static and dynamic, in order to take into account the phenomena of contagion and herd behavior. His research themes revolve more generally around segmentation techniques with the aim of modeling the heterogeneity of populations. Recently, he worked on extensions of non-parametric models such as regression and classification trees, in order to adapt them to incomplete data (typical in insurance). The applications of his research are mainly focused on insurance pricing and reserving.

Jean-Michel BEACCO

CEO, Institut Louis Bachelier

Engineer from Ponts et Chaussées and graduate of Stanford University – GSB, Jean-Michel Beacco began his professional career in 1989 at the Caisse Autonome de Refinancement (Caisse des Dépôts group), in charge of the refinancing of social housing.

From 1992, he led the international credit, structured credit and securitization activities within Société Générale (1992-2000), Crédit Agricole CIB (2000-2005), and Natixis (2005-2009).

Since 2009, Jean-Michel Beacco is Managing Director of the Louis Bachelier Institute and Associate Professor in Finance at Paris-Dauphine University.

Thomas BEHAR

Chief Financial Officer, CNP Assurances

A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE (National School of Statistics and Economic Administration) and associate actuary of the Institute of Actuaries, Thomas Béhar is also a General Engineer of Les Mines.
In 2002, he joined CNP Assurances as project manager for the director of partnerships and business development. From 2003, he successively held the positions of Director of Management and Management Control, Accounting Director for France, Head of the Finance Roadmap 2012 program and Group Technical Director.
Appointed member of the Executive Committee in September 2013, Thomas Béhar was promoted Group Performance Director in December 2017 and then Group CFO of CNP Assurances in 2019.
He teaches actuarial science at the Center for Actuarial Studies and co-authored the book « Assurance: Comptabilité, Réglementation, Actuariat » (Economica ed.) Published in 2002.
Thomas Béhar was also president of the Institute of Actuaries and of the European Actuarial Association.


Economy professor at the University of and the CREST, Paris

Stéphane LOISEL

Director of the SAF Lab (Sciences Actuarielle et Financière), Université Lyon 1

Stéphane Loisel holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Lyon, a master’s degree in actuarial science and finance, and is a member of the board of directors of the Institute of Actuaries.
He is now a professor at ISFA, Université Lyon 1. He was visiting professor at ORIA, Cornell University in 2014 and has been teaching for several years at Université Paris 6 and at ENSAE. Deputy Editor-in-Chief of IME, MCA P, BFA, Risks and co-editor of EAJ, his main research interests include Ruin Theory with Dependent Risks, Solvency II, Regulation and ERM, Longevity Risk and Client Behavior in insurance.
He was coordinator of the ANR LoLitA (Longevity with Lifestyle Adjustments) research project and holds the Sustainable Actuarial research chair sponsored by Milliman Paris. He received the SCOR thesis prize in 2005, the Lloyd’s Science of Risk second prize in 2011 and the Hachemeister prize in 2013.
Stéphane is also scientific director of the French CERA program.
He is a member of the board of directors and a member of the audit committee of Axéria Prévoyance.


Director of the Amétis Network & Social Protection Business Unit of CNP Assurances

Martine Vareilles is Director of the Amétis Network and Social Protection business unit at CNP Assurances. She also supervises the MFPrévoyance subsidiary. She is a member of the CNP Assurances executive committee. Martine Vareilles holds a PhD in mathematics and a graduate actuary. She also holds a DESS in computer science and statistics. She also completed the marketing training from INSEAD.
After starting her career at Abeille Paix Réassurance as head of the Life department, she joined Assurances Généraux de France (now Allianz), where she held various positions before becoming director of the group retirement business.
In 2006, she joined La Mutuelle Générale as technical director of the two mutual societies LMG and MNT within Mutaris. Between 2007 and 2011, she held the position of Deputy Director of Insurance and Development, member of the Management Board.
Martine Vareilles joined CNP Assurances in 2011. Since 2012, she has been director of the business unit of the partnership with La Banque Postale at CNP Assurances and since 2020, she has taken over the management of the Amétis Network and Social Protection Business Unit.


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