The DIALog Chair

The DIALog Excellence Chair, Digital Insurance And Long-term risks, is a Research Chair resulting from a partnership between CNP Assurances, ISFA (Institute of Financial Science and Insurance, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1) and the Risk Foundation. The objectives of the project are to explore the tools of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning adapted for the treatment of actuarial problems with massive data, mainly:

  • Explain and study the concept of customer value in a new context of digitalization of the insurance sector;
  • Improve the management and technical risk management processes in life and non-life insurance;
  • To have an in-depth reflection in order to better anticipate future societal needs, thanks to the development of a forward-looking vision relating to environmental risks linked to the extension of human lifespan.

The Chair extends from early 2020 to early 2025, around a multidisciplinary research team and operational teams from CNP Assurances involved in the project.

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